Beautiful Bavaria - the prettiest spots in Germany

A visit to Germany can be heavy on the heart when discovering the grim details of recent war times, as fascinating and thought-provoking as that is. It can also be heavy on the belly and liver when trying the rich food and large beer portions. Luckily it is also easy on the eyes, with some enchanting sites and nature to feast your eyes on as you go. 

Here are some of our favorite spots showing the beauty of Bavaria you might not have thought of when planning your trip:


Heidelberg City Centre

Discribed as Germany's most beautiful town, Heidelberg is bursting with romantic streets, fascinating history and panoramic views. From the characteristic University Square, every corner of this city has plenty of stories to be told and impressive buildings to gaze at. Most notably, the plaque where Martin Luther gave his speech in 1518, the iconic old bridge or the University and notorious student prison where misbehaving students are said to have been locked up.  Walk up hill passing through the city center and you will reach the Old Castle. From here you will get to see Heidelberg from above with a gorgeous view over the Rhine valley.


Odenwald Forest

Just 10 minutes from the center, the Odenwald Forest is the perfect escape to enjoy some amazing nature and fresh air. There are a range of trails to choose from if you are into hiking. Various lengths and levels of difficulty are available, starting from easy, if you are just looking for a leisurely stroll. 

The streets of Odenwald city center are said to have a Harry Potter vibe too, which makes for an extra enchanting day out. 


Friedrichsbad Roman-Irish Baths in Baden-Baden

The city of Baden Baden has carried on the tradition art of indulging in bathing houses from its Roman days. Discover these natural springs in 2000-year-old Roman bathing house ruins and its historic city centre with our guide.  Through both wars the city remained untouched and still holds its original splendor.

Originally built for Roman soldiers, this terracotta masterpiece with hollow walls and elevated floors is one of Germany’s oldest and best kept bathing houses. Last admission to the Friedrichsbad is 5pm. Bath slippers and towels, body and hair shampoo and body lotion can be provided for use in the bath area and there is aromatic tea in the reading room.


Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace near Munich

Witness the fairy tale castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, created by Germany’s 19th-century King Ludwig II. Take the scenic route from Munich to admire Bavaria's magnificent scenery as you journey to Linderhof, Ludwig’s rococo-style hunting lodge and last home. While there, you may do an interior tour and then continue to Neuschwanstein, a picture book medley of turrets and chambers that inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle with tour guides able to talk you through its history. You might like to enjoy some free time near Hohenschwangau village for lunch and to explore Neuschwanstein’s grounds.


Our travel consultants would be more than happy to design you a holiday which incorporates all or some of the above activities, arranging air-conditioned coaches and tour guides to take you around. Chat to us today about the best things to do in Germany or any other European city you wish to see. 


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