Discover more than just beaches in Sardinia’s Ogliastra

When you consider a vacation in Sardinia, you probably imagine yourself lounging on the beach in the warm Mediterranean sunshine and not much else. But what if you want a beach vacation in Italy that offers a little more? With the chance to spot rare wildlife and its unique culture and history, you might want to take a look at Ogliastra.

Ogliastra is in central-eastern Sardinia and boasts the beautiful bays and beaches that you would expect from a luxury resort on the Sardinian island, but also features historic natural monuments, protected archaeological sites and mysterious Nuragic villages that give you a glimpse back in time.

The best beaches

If you’re thinking about a vacation in Sardinia, then chances are you do want to spend some time relaxing on the beach. While Ogliastra offers much more than white sand and emerald waters, it does offer simply beautiful beaches that easily compete with some of the other more popular resorts in Sardinia. If you’re interested in visiting the most naturally beautiful beaches then we recommend taking the train along the mysterious plateau of Golgo to Baunei, where you’ll find beaches adorned with wild grasses and Mediterranean trees and flowers. Some of the beaches in this region are reachable by boat, while others can be reached on foot. Popular beaches are Cala Luna, the sandy Cala Sisine and Cala Biriola, which is dominated by a rocky cliff. There is also Cala Mariolu, which is a pebble beach and so better for exploring rather than sun-worshipping, and Cala Goloritze – thanks to its sloping cliff that stretches 143 m into the crisp blue sky, the beach is particularly popular with climbers.

If you’re looking for a more “manicured” beach, then head to Tortolì, where there are plenty of sandy beaches, such as Tancau and the beach along the Gulf of San Gemiliano.

If snorkeling is your thing, then the pristine beach at Golfetto is a great choice as it has deep waters, which are suitable for snorkeling and you may even spot one of the famous local turtles!

For some culture

If you want to discover the cultural heritage of Sardinia and Ogliastra, then you won’t be disappointed by the spectacular natural monuments that the region is famous for. Perda 'e Liana, near Gairo, is a natural tower that climbs 1250 m into the sky and is a symbol of Ogliastra. There is also a seemingly bottomless natural abyss in Baunei called Sterru, which descends 270 m – one of the deepest in Europe.

And then there are the mysterious Nuragic villages, which are ancient settlements consisting of delicate stone huts. They are thought to have been built in the Nuragic Age between 1900 and 730 BCE, and S'Arcu 'es Forros is one of the largest, with three temples that were once used to worship water. Sa Carcaredda is also worth visiting for its intriguing church and tombs, while Scerì and Serbissi offer majestic towers.

There are also several museums around Ogliastra that we recommend, including that in the historic centre of Seui, which is housed in a stunning Art Nouveau building, and there is also a Civic Gallery and the Spanish Prison.

When to go

If you’re not constrained by school holidays, then we highly recommend heading to Ogliastra in the spring or in the last days of June. The weather is perfect during these months, being not to hot and with a light sea breeze. The tourist sites are also less crowded and the ferries and hotels tend to be more economical, while the restaurants and taverns are arguably more welcoming as they are less busy and rushed.


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