Discover Sicily whilst in Rome

Italy has such diverse cuisine that it can be impossible to really get a taste of all the flavors of Italian cooking on a city break to just one destination. However, the Siciliainbocca restaurant in Rome is looking to give holidaymakers and locals alike a little taste of Sicily whilst staying in Rome.

The restaurant, which can be found in the vibrant Flaminio area of Rome, offers a selection of authentic Sicilian dishes prepared with natural ingredients and to traditional recipes. However, what we love about the restaurant is that it not only serves authentic Sicilian cuisine, its also holds true to its roots with Sicilian-style decor for a true-to-life experience, making you feel like you really have stepped in to a corner of Sicily whilst in Rome!


Dishes we recommend

Although the menu changes daily and with the season, some of our favorite dishes are:

  • Carpaccio of tuna and swordfish
  • Spaghetti with seafood
  • Spaghetti Strombolian, with the unmistakable taste of mussels and cayenne
  • Pasta with sardines
  • Codfish from Messina
  • Semifreddo with Bronte pistachio
  • Pear cake with hot chocolate sauce and chopped hazelnuts

You can also rest assured that the ingredients are always fresh at Siciliainbocca as fresh fish arrives every day and the homemade desserts are prepared daily. It is also suitable for a range of occasions as it has four comfortable rooms, where you could perhaps enjoy a casual Sunday family lunch, a romantic dinner, a business lunch or even a wedding in Italy.

Where: Via Flaminia 388, Rome (a few steps away from Ponte Milvio, in the Auditorium area of Flaminio - MAXXI)

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