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Europe attracts some of the world’s top chefs and is home to a great many Michelin starred restaurants. That’s why a multi-country tour of Europe is a great vacation option for foodies! Here’s our pick of the top places to head for on your Europe vacation and the must-try dishes to seek out whilst you’re there!


The UK is perhaps not the first European country that springs to mind when you think of great food but it has a strong cooking tradition, with unusual foods, such as Cornish pasties and haggis, on offer as well as comforting favorites, such as the iconic fish and chips.

If you want to indulge in modern English food then head for one of London’s Michelin starred restaurants, where you’ll find dishes such as sea bass chunks in citrus and red chili and rib-eye steak with thick-cup fries on the menu. Some of the best restaurants, but also the most expensive, include the restaurant at The Dorchester hotel and Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Chelsea. Alternatively, discover the delights of a hot pasty in Cornwall – we highly recommend sampling the traditional pasties at one of the Malcolm Barnecutt bakeries such as the one at Rock, which is not far from the beautiful fishing village of Padstow. While here, why not pop in to Rick Stein’s restaurant to taste the flavors of the sea, including fresh mussels.

If you’re vacationing in Scotland, don’t be put off from trying haggis, which is a national favorite. While the ingredients may seem simple, the flavors are captivating and there is vegetarian haggis available too, which is a hearty delight.


Some of the world’s most recognized and celebrated dishes can be traced to Italy, including pizza, lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese and tiramisu. If pizza is your thing then head to its birthplace: Naples. A great place to stay near Naples is Sorrento, where you can also enjoy limoncello made from local lemons.

We also highly recommend visiting Bologna, which is affectionately known in Italy as “The Fat One”, due to the city’s love affair with food. While there you should of course try spaghetti with an authentic Bolognese sauce, as well as tortellini and mortadella. Other local treats include cotolettine, which is fried and breaded meat, and crescentine, which is a puffy focaccia-like bread that is often served with cold meat. You could also enjoy a market tour and cooking classes, which are popular activities.


Tapas is a must in Spain and is great sharing food! If you’ve not tried tapas before and find yourself in a Spanish tapas bar, ask your server to give you guidance on how many dishes to order as serving sizes tend to vary. Grilled and marinated king prawns are a delight and be sure to also tuck in to some fresh Spanish olives, stuffed peppadews, croquetas and crispy squid. Another Spanish favorite is paella, which originates from Valencia in Eastern Spain – a great destination for a beach break in Spain. You should also be sure to sample some horchata while in Valencia too, as well as the infamous Spanish omelet!


France has long been revered as one of the top destination in Europe for cuisine and the country continues to attract some of the best chefs, such as Fabrice Desvignes and Paul Bocuse. While the stereotype may have you believing that French food is all laced with onions and garlic and served with a French baguette, the food is astoundingly diverse across the different regions and characterized by fine sauces and elaborate desserts. In the south of France you’ll find the cuisine influenced by Basque and Spanish flavors, with tasty delights such as spicy sausage available. Delicacies local to the south of France include cassoulet and piperade (peppers, onions, tomatoes and eggs). Meanwhile, in the north you’ll find dishes based around apples and camembert in Normandy and sweet crepes served with a lemon butter in Brittany. Whichever region of France you find yourself in on your Europe vacation be sure to sample some local wine as the French grapes are some of the most flavorsome in the world. We love vintage vins de pays wines.


Germany has the second-highest number of Michelin starred restaurants, after France and if you love flavorful sausages then Germany is for place for you. We recommend heading for Nuremberg, which is famous for its curled Bratwurst sausages and other grilled meats – try them with sauerkraut or a potato salad. Germany also has a great tradition surrounding cheese, with popular choices including Frischkäse (cream cheese), Harzer Roller and Bergkäse. Germany also has some lovely fruit desserts, including tarts and cheesecakes. One of the most famous desserts is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, which you may know as Black Forest cake, but also be sure to try the apple pancakes called Apfelpfannkuchen.

Bread fans will certainly rejoice at the choice available in Germany – there’s sourdough, rye and wholegrain bread, multigrain loaves with oats and linseeds, Pumpernickel, and wheat breads with roasted onions.


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