Fascinating War Museums of Germany

A visit to German cities such as Berlin and Munich offers tourists a buzzing nightlife and a peek into modern Europe, an aclectic place of hope and diversity. But while you're there, it would be remiss to not take the opportunity to glimpse into a darker side of recent history that shook the western world. It was only two generations ago afterall.

Berlin, Munich, and of course Nuremberg where the infamous war trials took place, will give you a wholistic look at what unfolded over a 20 year period under Nazi Germany. It reveals a sharp contrast to where it is today and leaves you with a greater appreciation for the cities you will come to enjoy.


The Wall Museum in Berlin

Opened in 2016, The Wall Museum from the East Side Gallery takes visitors on a unique journey via a multimedia exhibition on the history of the Berlin Wall. It is the first and only wall museum that tells the complete history of the Wall from 1945 to 1990. It is a cause for reflection and sure to congure up some emotions.


Guided Walking Tour featuring the Holocaust Memorial and Berlin Wall

We can arrange you a tour to experience Berlin’s past and present through the city's Mitte district. Visit landmarks from the city’s Prussian, Imperial, Nazi, Cold War and modern eras, offering insight into the evolution of this fascinating German capital. Stroll along the iconic Berlin Wall and follow Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate. You can also visit the rebuilt Reichstag and the Holocaust Memorial and hear the amazing stories of Cold War Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie. 

World War 2 and Courtroom 600 tour in Nuremberg

This is a must-see adventure tour of the aftermath of World War 2 in Nuremberg. Making your way through the cozy streets of the Old town, our guide will educate you on the impressive yet dark history of this town, which once was the epicenter for Hitlers Nazi party. Tours can be customized to your interests and preferences including all of the city’s most important war related sights. From the rally grounds to impressive courtroom 600 where the most notorious second war world war criminals were brought to justice for their crimes, Nuremberg’s history will leave an impact on you.


Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich

Dachau is home to Germany's oldest concentration camp and a chance to take a look at the sinister side of German history. Though well maintained today, it was far from the worry free relocating opportunity once promised to its former inhabitants. Wandering this gruesome work camp today, you’ll be able to witness its execution wall, visit the reconstructed barracks which sometimes slept up to six people per bed. Our guide will show you what a normal day in the life of its prisoners was like. From its Appel platz and political prisoner cells, to its gas chambers and crematorium. Though hideously real and confronting, a visit to this site will leave a lasting impression.


Discover the hot spots of Germany and other parts of Europe on your next vacation such as a Cultural Multi-City Tour which is completely customizable. Our travel specialists will work with you to ensure your trip includes all the tours and activities that interest you most. Contact us to start planning your vacation of a lifetime. 





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