How to spend a couple of days in Santorini

Only got a few days in Santorini and want to do it right? Aside from relaxing and catching the breathtaking sunsets - which is a must! - Santorini is home to many natural wonders and prehistoric sites you won’t want to miss.

Santorini is well known for honeymooners and couples, owing to its relaxed vibe and that sunset we’ll keep mentioning. However, it is really an island for anyone who enjoys nature, scenery and frequenting cute bars and restaurants – hey, don’t we all?


Volcano Cruise to Thirassia

We recommend taking a stress-free tour of Santorini’s natural and historic beauty. You can do this in half a day, which makes it ideal for first-time visitors with limited time. Board a traditional Greek Caique boat and venture out to the volcano of Santorini located on the small island Thirassia. From there you can climb to the top and take in the views before sailing to the warm, sulfuric waters for a dip. While you’re there, ascend down to wander the village, adorned with colorful cubic houses. Here you will get real a feel for the local life and sample some traditional food.


'The Lost Atlantis' Tour

Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious, a visit to the Akrotiri excavations won’t disappoint. This prehistoric town of advanced civilization flourished back in 17th century B.C. Walk along the ancient streets and listen to the thrilling story about how the volcanic eruption that took place 3600 years ago. 

We recommend stopping for lunch at a seaside restaurant where you will find a great selection of traditional Greek and Santorinian dishes. When you’re done you can explore a traditional village of Megalochori and admire local architecture, culture, picturesque churches, the unique bell tower and many local vineyards.

A climb to the top of Profitis Elias, the highest mountain of the island will allow you to see Santorini from above.


Perivolos Black Beach and the Red Beach

From the Akrotori escavations you can visit the Perivolos Black beach and in fact our tours build this in to the activity schedule. Located in Perissa, it is one of the best beaches in Santorini. You will be struck by its impressive rock formations and black sand, a result of a 1600 BC volcano eruption. 

Closer again to Akrotori is the famous Red Beach with volcanic red rock surroundings contrasted by crystal blue waters. Its red and black pebbles and interesting marine life make it a popular snorkling spot too.


Explore Pyrgos and Sample Wines

Not too far from the main port is the traditional village of Pyrgos surrounded by wineries. Unsurprisingly, its medieval alleys are full of cute winebars and tavernas. Perched on a hill is Castilli's Castle with two beautiful churches to visit inside. Afterwards you can head over to Santo Wines winery, the biggest and most popular winery of Santorini. There you can sample wines and nibbles and marvel at the landscape. The expansive terrace boasts spectacular Caldera views with photo opportunities abound.


Watch the Sunset in Oia

Something that should be factored into any length stay is a visit to Oia, renowned for its spectacular sunsets. The stunning coast of rippled water is lined with typical blue domed, whitewashed houses, upon which the sun sets a vibrant pick and orange. The sunset is best viewed from the ruined Oia Castle, a wonder in its own right.

Take this trip in the evening after the aforementioned tours if you are short on time. Or you might like to spend the day there exploring at your leisure.  There is plenty to discover such as the Naval Maritime Museum in a 19th century mansion and the many local shops along the well-kept narrow streets.


If you wish to incorporate Santorini into any of your Greece or Europe packages, speak to us to create a customized trip with all the locations and activities you wish to cover. We also have set packages which include Santorini and many of the above activities such as Island Hopping in Greece


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