Multi-city tours in Europe

Europe is home to so many diverse cultures, stunning beaches and exciting cities that visiting just one resort on your Europe vacation may not be enough. That’s why we offer customized multi-city tours, which allow you to visit more than one place in one trip, allowing you to make the most of your vacation time. However, with so much choice and a multitude of combinations, it can be difficult to know which cities to combine for the perfect dream vacation. With this in mind, here are our top picks for multi-city tours in Europe, designed to suit a range of tastes.


Best for… Diversity

If you want a diverse Europe vacation with different things to do and see and different cultures to discover then we recommend combining cities from two or even three countries. We love the classic combination of London, Rome and Paris, which is a great choice if you haven’t visited Europe before. London brings vibrancy, history and royal majesty, while Rome brings ancient archaeology, imposing architecture and delicious Italian cuisine, and Paris brings city chic and a distinctly romantic atmosphere that is hard not to fall in love with!

For something a little different, the combination of Nice on the French Riviera and Prague in the Czech Republic works wonderfully well. In Nice you can absorb coastal views in the sunshine, while Prague brings colorful Baroque buildings and historic charm. To make full use of your time, you could also enjoy day trips to Cannes and Monte Carlo from Nice or even explore the Italian Riviera on a day tour to Sanremo.


Best for… Culture

You’ll find multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites and four of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in Europe, making it an excellent choice for a cultural vacation. Every country brings its own heritage, meaning a vacation or tour that includes two or three European cities can be wonderfully diverse and enjoyable.

We designed our cultural multi-city tour specifically to cater to those who want to discover the diverse culture of Europe. It includes Rome, Vienna, Bruges and Berlin – some of the most culturally rich cities in Europe. In Rome you can explore the ancient sites that shaped the world that we know today, including the Colosseum and Roman Forum, while Vienna will seduce you with its cultural heritage, musical theaters, art galleries and street markets. In Bruges you can discover the romantic canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings, and finally in Berlin you can immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant atmosphere and admire the contrast between the historic 13th century buildings and modern architecture.


Best for… Hidden Gems

You can find vacation packages including our most popular hidden gems tours by clicking here. We love combinations of Rimini (Italy), Funchal (Portugal) and Istanbul for a city experience, or Split in Croatia and Santorini in Greece as a great combination for sun-seekers. If you crave an escape to nature then we recommend Zagreb (Croatia) and the Italian Lake District, which feature beautiful natural scenes, National Parks, pine forests and glistening lakes.

If you enjoy unusual architecture then another hidden gems tour to consider in Europe is one including Alberobello in Italy, which is known as the Capital of the Trulli. Trulli are exquisite fairytale-like structures that date back to the 14th century and look simply magical! Alberobello can be combined with another hidden gem in Apulia (Italy), such as Bari or Lecce, or for something a little more diverse you could visit Matera on an Alberobello and Matera twin-center holiday. Matera is an ancient town in Basilicata in Italy and is famous for the Sassi di Matera (the Stones of Matera), which are rock-cut cave dwellings that thought to be the first human settlements in Italy – with the trulli they give a fascinating glimpse back at architectural history!


Best for… Relaxation

If vacations are a time of relaxation for you then it’s important to select cities that you can travel easily between. Fortunately, Europe has excellent transport links, with train and flight options available, meaning you can combine many different cities on your multi-stop vacation.

For a particularly relaxing vacation, we love the combination of Croatia and Lake Garda. In Croatia you can visit Zagreb, where you can discover epic waterfalls and enchanting green lakes, followed by Dubrovnik, which is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic thanks to its breath-taking sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere. To complete your vacation immersed in the natural beauty of Europe you can visit Lake Garda in the Italian Lake District, where you can relax beside the glistening waters or enjoy lake-side walking trails in the Mediterranean sunshine.


Best for… Beaches

Our favorite multi-beach vacation in Europe is island hopping in Greece. You simply can’t beat the glorious turquoise waters, sandy beaches and historic attractions of the Greek islands – consider combining Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes for the best beaches and iconic attractions, including Greek Temples. You could also enjoy a day trip to Athens, where you can discover the legends of the Greeks at the Parthenon temple, the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Daphni Monastery.

If you have a generous budget then we would love to recommend the beach resorts in Sardinia, where you’ll find quintessential Mediterranean beauty, romantic coves, fresh fish and secret beaches. Popular resorts include Costa Smeralda, Alghero, Cagliari and La Maddalena, where you can enjoy relaxing on the beach or dabble in water sports, including SCUBA diving.

Another excellent and more unusual choice for a beach vacation in Europe is a combination of Split in Croatia and Barcelona. This is the perfect combination of city chic and sandy beaches as Split offers coastal beauty and island coves, as well as a modern marina, while Barcelona brings historic architecture and amazing stretches of beach lined with tropical trees and fragrant Mediterranean plants.


Best for… Winter Breaks

Winter is a wonderful time to visit Europe, especially the Alpine region, where you can enjoy skiing and other winter sports. Austria, Switzerland, North Italy and the French Alps are all popular, and have diverse slopes for a range of abilities, extensive ski areas and ample lifts, as well as ski schools. For those who want a luxury ski vacation, we recommend combining Kitzbühel in Austria with Gstaad in Switzerland, which have supreme ski slopes, refined hotels, award-winning restaurants and a selection of designer shops.

For something a little more economical, consider a combination of the Dolomites in Italy with the French Alps. They have reliable snow conditions and an extensive network of ski lifts, which even cross borders to allow you to ski across different countries, including Switzerland! You can also purchase a Dolomiti Superski lift pass for the Dolomites, which permits you entry to numerous ski areas and pistes, as well as rides on ski lifts and, in some places, bus rides.


If you are considering a multi-city tour in Europe and would like us to put together a personalized vacation itinerary for you, featuring pre-arranged activities, call a member of our dedicated team on +44 1223 637328. Alternatively, you can click here to send an online inquiry.

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