Reykjavík: A must-see city for 2023

Rough Guides’ recently released their guides to the top cities, countries and regions to visit. Taking the top spot of cities to visit was Reykjavík in Iceland and, with the city’s undeniably cool atmosphere, buzzing nightlife, hot pools and beautiful natural scenery, it’s not hard to see why it was named Number One.

Reykjavík is Iceland’s capital and is situated on the southwest on the southern shore of the Faxaflói Bay. This stretch of coastline is characterized by its many peninsulas, coves, straits and islands, which make it one of the prettiest regions in Europe. In addition, multiple surveys have found it to be one of the cleanest, greenest and safest cities in the world and it also features quirky houses painted in pastel colors, a lively social scene, including numerous popular bars and nightclubs, and steamy outdoor natural hot pools, which have been highlighted for their healing properties. One thing to note is that, while beautiful, it can be quite chilly, with temperatures during winter dropping to around 30 °F and summer temperatures hovering around 50 to 59 °F.

If you’re looking for a lively vacation in Europe, then Reykjavík is a must! It is home to over 100 different bars and clubs, which stay open until 4.30 am on weekends (in fact, they tend to only start to fill up after midnight), and there is also the Blue Lagoon nearby, which is a geothermal spa where you can nurse your overindulgence. As well as geothermally heated beaches such as Nauthólsvík, other popular attractions include Árbæjarsafn, which is the Reykjavík Open Air Museum, the Center for Icelandic Art, Heiðmörk, which is a large nature reserve, and numerous shopping malls. There are also numerous activities to enjoy, such as Jeep tours in the highlands around the city, snowmobiling, river rafting, horseback riding and quad biking, making it a great choice for an active vacation in Europe. During winter, you could even capture a glimpse of the famous and magical northern lights.

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