Ryanair Launches Connecting Flights through Rome Fiumicino

With around 119 million passengers travelling with them annually, Ryanair is one of Europe’s most popular low-cost airlines, offering a wealth of routes across the continent. In previous years, Ryanair has predominantly operated out of Rome Ciampino Airport – a small Rome airport on the outskirts of the city.

However, as part of its “Always Getting Better” program, Ryanair has started offering flight options to Rome’s large international airport at Fiumicino. And now the airline has launched its first ever connecting flights through Rome Fiumicino Airport, offering its customers a wider choice of routes and destinations.

There will initially be 10 flight routes connecting through Rome Fiumicino, including Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Bari, Brussels, Catania, Comiso, Malta and Palermo, but it is hoped that more options will follow. Plus, customers will be able to benefit from the advantages of taking a connecting flight, including having checked baggage automatically transferred between connecting flights.

Ryanair's Chief Commercial Officer, David O'Brien, said: “Ryanair is pleased to launch our first flight service in connection with Rome Fiumicino Airport, allowing customers to book Ryanair flights in connection with the lowest fares in Europe. Starting from 10 initial routes from Rome, customers will be able to move onto their next flight without having to leave 'landside' and have their luggage shipped to their final destination. This new "Always Getting Better" service will, in its fourth year, be developed on the entire Ryanair network (with the addition of further routes from Rome over the next few weeks and months), after the test run commenced on Rome Fiumicino. We are also continuing our negotiations with Aer Lingus Airlines and Norwegian Airlines – and other potential partners – with the aim of launching possible connections with a third air carrier at the end of the year.”

Ryanair currently offers flights linking over 200 destinations in 33 countries with its fleet of over 360 Boeing 737 planes, with a further 300 Boeing 737 being added to the fleet to meet Ryanair’s goal of increasing to 200 million passengers by the end of 2024. With this new initiative offering connecting flights through Rome Fiumicino Airport, customers will be able to enjoy new destinations across Europe with ease.

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