The Garden of the Waterfalls Reopens in Rome

After nearly 60 years, the Garden of the Waterfalls at EUR Spa in Rome has opened again to the public.

The Garden of the Waterfalls is an idyllic space on the banks of the EUR Lake in the heart of Rome that features water jets and short waterfalls that were originally designed not only to look beautiful, but also to reoxygenate the lake. It was designed by Raffaele de Vico and first opened in 1961; however, it closed soon after due to vandalism and since then has only be used as an occasional film set.

However, after being closed for 56 years, the garden has reopened thanks to a recent project aimed at restyling and renovating the area around EUR Lake, and will be open daily from 7am to 8pm.

The garden is located between two bridges that cross the lake and can be reached by Via Oceania. It is the perfect spot for a summer picnic or where you can take a romantic stroll if you are visiting Rome on honeymoon.

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