Will Turin be Italy’s First Vegetarian City?

Turin’s new mayor, Chiara Appendino, recently announced that she would be promoting vegetarianism in the city as a priority to help combat climate change and promote healthy living.

The pledge was a part of the Five Star Movement’s (M5S) manifesto, which called for a focus on meat- and dairy-free living, as well as environmentalism, conservation and green energy. And it seems that Appendino has every intention of following through on this pledge as she appointed Stefania Giannuzzi, who has been vegetarian for 20 years, the new councillor for the environment.

Now, Piedmont is one of Italy’s most famed meat-producing regions, with local delicacies including veal in tuna sauce and braised beef, so we’re not sure this would have gone down well. Indeed, Appendino’s victory in Turin over Piero Fassino came as something of a surprise in the June elections.

However, it is expected that the new mayor will take a reasonably soft approach by simply encouraging the set-up of educational programs in schools that focus on animal welfare and nutrition. In addition, Giannuzzi assured small business owners that it was not at all their intention to close down small butchers or shop owners, but instead to simply raise awareness.

Even so, Appendino has been criticised in some circles for attacking the meat industry and trying to create a “nanny state”.

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